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Comunicados de Imprensa

Comunicados de Imprensa

The European wine industry calls the European Parliament’s INTA Committee to support the EU-Vietnam Trade Agreement
20 jan 2020
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Brussels, 20th January 2020 – Ahead of the INTA vote on the EU-Vietnam Trade Agreement, the European wine industry calls MEPs to give their green light and urges the European Parliament to go through the assent procedure without delay.

CEEV expresses its strong support in favour of the EU-Vietnam Trade Agreement and calls on the European Parliament to ensure a speedy ratification process. Besides the tariffs elimination, the European wine industry expects several benefits from the EU-Vietnam Agreement such as the protection of key Geographical Indications and the removal of the technical barriers that are hindering EU wine exports.

“In the current global trade context, wine companies blatantly need to diversify markets”, said Jean-Marie Barillère, President of CEEV. “By supporting the EU-Vietnam agreement, the INTA Committee would send the right signal to the exporting companies striving to penetrate the promising ASEAN region”.

For more information and figures, download the CEEV publication on the upcoming EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement.